Second International Conference on Digital Image Processing and Pattern Recognition


Venue: The Park Hotel
July 13 ~ 15, 2012, Chennai, India.

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Paper Submission Deadline:
15 February, 2012

Paper Status Notification:
20 April, 2012

Camera-ready Due:
09 May, 2012

Conference :
July 13~15, 2012

Registered Papers

Study of the EEG signals of Human Brain for the analysis of emotions
Ashish R. Panat1 and Anita S. Patil2, 1Priyadarshani Indira College of Engineering, India and 2Cummins College of Engineering for Women, India
A Dynamic approach for mining generalised sequential patterns in time series clinical data sets
N.K Subanivedhi,M.Razia Naseem,M.Rasheeda shameem and R.Sethukkarasi,R.M.K Engineering College,India.
Motion correction in physical action of Human body applied to Yogasana
Geetanjali Kale 1 ,and Varsha Patil1, 1 PICT, India and 2 MCOERC, India.
Improvement the Bag of Words Image Representation Using Spatial Information
Mohammad Mehdi Farhangi , Mohsen Soryani and Mahmood Fathy, Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran.
Left Object Detection With Reduced False Positives In Real- Time
Aditya Piratla, Monotosh Das and Jayalakshmi Surendran, Global R& D Crompton Greaves Limited ,India.
Adaptive Fusion based Hybrid Denoising Method for Texture Images
Preety D. Swami and Alok Jain, Samrat Ashok Technological Institute, India.
An Efficient De-noising Technique for Fingerprint Image using Wavelet Transformation
Ashish kumar Dass and Rabindra kumar Shial , National institute of science & technology, India.
Detection of Optic Disc by line filter approach in retinal images
Murugan.R1 and Reeba Korah2, 1Anna University, India and 2St.Joseph's College of Engineering, India
An Extension of FFT Based Image Registration
P.Thangavel and R.Kokila ,University of Madras,India.
Scene Text Extraction from Videos Using Hybrid Approach
A. Thilagavathy, K. Aarthi and A. Chilambuchelvan, R.M.K Engineering College,India
MSB based new Hybrid Image Compression Technique for Wireless Transmission
Murali Krishna, Meghana Ajith and Ajitha Shenoy K. B , Manipal University,India.
Multi-temporal satellite image analysis using unsupervised techniques
Arvind C.S 1 , Ashoka Vanjare2, S. N. Omkar2, J Senthilnath2, V. Mani2 and PG Diwakar3, 1Telibrahma Convergent Communication Pvt Limited,India , 2Indian Institute of Science, India and 3Indian Space research organisation, India.
Separable Discrete Hartley Transform based Invisible Watermarking for Color Image Authentication (SDHTIWCIA)
J. K. Mandal and S. K.Ghosal,Kalyani University, India.
Contour-based Video Inpainting in Presence of More than One Moving Object
Amanna Ghanbari,Mohsen Soryani, University of Science and Technology,Iran
Normalised Euclidean Distance Based Image Retrieval Using Coefficient Analysis
Nilofar Khan1and Wasim Khan2 ,1CDSE Indore, India and 2GWPC Indore ,India.
Soc Modeling For Video Coding With Superscalar Projection
SK.Fairooz 1 and B.K.Madhavi 2, 1JNTU,India and 2Geethanjali College of Engineering and Technology, India.
Invisible Image Watermarking Using Z Transforms (IIWZT)
J. K. Mandal and Rakesh Kanji,University of Kalyani, India.
Region Identification of Infected Rice Images Using the Concept of Fermi Energy
S. Phadikar1, J. Sil 2 and A. K. Das 2 ,1West Bengal University of Technology, India,2Bengal Engineering and Science University, India.
Unsymmetrical Trimmed Midpoint as Detector for Salt and Pepper Nosie Removal
K.Vasanth1, S.Karthik2 and V.Elanangai1,1Sathyabama University,India and 2Cognizant Technology Solutions,India.
Identification of Handwritten Text in Machine Printed Document Images
Sandipan Banerjee, National Institute of Technology,India.
Optimization of Integration Weights for a Multibiometric System with Score Level Fusion
S.M.Anzar and P.S.Sathidevi, National Institute of Technology,India.
A Two Stage Combinational Approach for Image Encryption
Sharath Kumar H S, Panduranga H T and Naveen Kumar S K ,University of Mysore, India.
Wavelet-SIFT Feature Descriptors for Robust Face Recognition
Nerella Arun Mani Kumar and P.S.Sathidevi,National Institute of Technology, India.
Image denoising based on Neutrosophic Wiener Filtering
J. Mohan1, A.P. Thilaga Shri Chandra2, V. Krishnaveni1 and Yanhui Guo3, 1PSG College of Technology, India, 2 Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, India and13University of Michigan,USA.
Modified Difference Expansion for Reversible Watermarking using Fuzzy logic based distortion control
Hirak Kumar Maity1, Santi P. Maity2 and Debashis Maity2,1 College of Engineering and Management, India and2Bengal Engineering and Science University, India.
A Novel Genetic Algorithm based Data Embedding Technique in Frequency Domain using Z Transform (ANGAFDZT)
J. K. Mandal1`, A. Khamrui2, S Chakraborty2, P Sur 2, S K Datta2 and I RoyChoudhury2,1University of Kalyani,India and 2Future Institute of Engineering and Management,India.
Speckle Noise Reduction Using Fourth Order Complex Diffusion Based Homomorphic Filter
Jyothisha J Nair, and V K Govindan, National Institute of Technology, India.
A New Hybrid Approach For Denoising Medical Images
Deepa Bharathi 1 and Sumithra Manimegalai Govindan2, 1 KPR Institute of Engineering Technology, India and 2BannariAmman Institute of Technology, India.
Detection of Cerebral Aneurysm by Performing Thresholding-Spatial Filtering-Thresholding Operations on Digital Subtraction Angiogram
Jubin Mitra and Abhijit Chandra , Bengal Engineering and Science University, India

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