The First International Conference on Information Technology Convergence and Services
(ITCS 2012)

Venue: Royal Orchid Central
January 4, 2012, Bangalore, India.

Program Schedule

Hall - 2

January 4, 2012

Time Session 1
Chair :   
Adaptive Guidance System for SPEM (Hamid Khemissa, Mohamed Ahmed-nacer and Mourad Oussalah)
Knowledge Base of Project Managers In The South African ICT Sector (Robert T. Hans and Pantaleo M.D. Rwelamila)
Openness of Search Engine”: A Critical Flaw in Search Systems; A Case study on Google, Yahoo and Bing    (Katuru SM Kalyana Chakravarthy)
A Novel Algorithm for Watermarking and Image Encryption  (Rakesh S and Ajitkumar A Kaller)

Symmetric Encryption Algorithm In Speech Coding For Defence Communications        
(Akella Amarendra Babu and Ramadevi Yellasiri)


Applying Requirement Based Complexity For The Estimation Of Software Development And Testing Effort
(Ashish Sharma and Dharmender Singh Kushwaha )

SXC-JMS: A Web-based Journal Management System (Sahon Bhattacharyya, Kalyan Mondal, Shalabh Agarwal and Asoke Nath )

Design and Simulation of Circularly Polarized Pentagonal-Shaped Microstrip patch Antenna at RFID Frequency 2.4 GHz
(Bondili Kohitha Bai,Bhupendra singh and vinod shokeen)

Pentagonal Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy System.
(Bondili Kohitha Bai, and Anita Thakur)

Innovative Field of Cryptography : DNA Cryptography
(Ranu Soni, Vishakha Soni and Sandeep Kumar )
Frequent Subgraph Mining Algorithms -A Survey And Framework For Classification
(K.Lakshmi and T. Meyyappan)
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Session 2
Chair :

A Survey On Web Pre-Fetching Techniques (Greeshma G. Vijayan and Jayasudha J. S )

Application of Autonomic Computing Principles in Virtualized Environment
(Anala M R and Dr.Shobha G )

Assessment of Systolic And Diastolic Cycle Duration From Speech Analysis In The State of Anger And Fear
(Nivedita Deshpande, KavitaThakur, and A.S.Zadgaonkar)

Dwt-Svd Based Secured Image Watermarking For Copyright Protection Using Visual Cryptography
(Sushila Kamble ,Vikas Maheshkar , Suneeta Agarwal and Vinay K Srivastava)

A Comparative Study of Incentive MechanismsUsed In Peer-to-Peer System (Guruprasad Khataniar, Sankhapani Bharali and Archana Khataniar)
Application Of Genetic Algorithm In Designing A Security Model For Mobile Adhoc Network 
(Kumar Nikhil, Swati Agarwal and Pankaj)

Performance Evaluation Of Jpeg Image Compression Using Symbol Reduction Technique
(Bheshaj Kumar, Kavita Thakur and G. R. Sinha)

Terrian Identification Using Co-Clustered Model Of The Swarm Intellegence & Segmentation Technique
(Ritesh Srivastava, Shivani Agarwal, Ankit Goel and Vipul Gupta)

Object Shape Representation by Kernel Density Feature Points Estimator
(Tranos Zuva )

Human Vision Thresholding With Enhancement For Dark Blurred Images For Local Content Preservation  
 (Chelsy Sapna Josephus and Remya .S)

Medical Image Texture Segmentation Using Texture Filter
(Amir Rajaei )