Registered Papers

Rough Set Model For Prediction Of Trustworthy Web Services
SankaranarayananMurugan1,VeilumuthuRamachandran2,1Sathyabama University,India,2Anna University,India.
A Unified Framework for Pervasive Healthcare Medical Computing based on SOA
K.M. Anandkumar1 and C. Jayakumar2, 1Easwari Engineering College, Anna University, India , 2R.M.K. Engineering College, Anna University, India.
KM System Evaluation - A Hybrid Approach using Four Dimension Metric Database and WAM
D.Venkata Subramanian , Angelina Geetha , K.M. Mehata and Mohammed K Hussain, B.S. Abdur Rahman University, India.
An Effective Approach To Detect Ddos Attack
Manoj R and Tripti C, Rajagiri Business School, india.
An Intensified Approach for Privacy Preservation in Incremental Data Mining
V.Rajalakshmi1 and G.S.Ananthamala1, 1SathyabamaUniversity, India , 1St.Joseph's College of Engineering, India.
A Novel Approach for Dynamic Web Service Composition through Network Analysis with Backtracking
K.Rajeswar, E.Jeevitha, R.Stephy Graph and M.Suresh Kumar, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College, India.
A Cryptographic Algorithm Analysis For Security Threats Of Semantic E-Commerce Web (SECW) For Electronic Payment Transaction System
Akhilesh Dwivedi1,Sureshkumar1and Abhishek Dwived2, 1Ambedkar Institute of technology,India , 2RKG Engg college,India.
Sense Disambiguation Technique for Information Retrieval in Web Search
Rekha Jain and G.N. Purohit, Banasthali University, India.
Query Optimization Over Web Services Using A Mixed Approach
Debajyoti Mukhopadhyay , Dhaval Chandarana, Rutvi Dave,Sharyu Page and Shikha Gupta, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, India.
Composition of Location Based Services in Decentralized Registry Based Architecture
Kavita Kumari, Melwyn D'Souza and Ananthanarayana V.S, National Institute of Technology,India.
Dynamic Ontology Construction for E-Trading
K.AnithaKumari, G.SudhaSadasivam, T.Aruna and S.Christie Sajitha, PSG Tech,India.
Development of Agro-Tagger and Recommendation Generation Using Social Network for Agro-produce marketing
Priyanka Joshi, Sanjay Chaudhary and Vikas Kumar, DA-IICT,India
Strategic Composition of Semantic Web Services using SLAKY Composer
P. Sandhya and M. Lakshmi, Sathyabama University,India.
A New Approach For Noise Removal And Video Object Segmentation Using Color Based Fuzzy C-Means Technique
R.Revathi and M.Hemalatha, Karpagam University,India
An Ontology Based Model For User Profile Building Using Web Page Segment Evaluation
K.S.Kuppusamy and G.Aghila, Pondicherry Central University
Comparative Study on Strengths and Weaknesses of Trust Algorithms in Semantic Web based Networks
Prachi Girdhar and Suresh Kumar, A.I.A.C.T&R,India.
Performance Comparison of Rectangular and Circular Patch Microstrip Yagi Antenna
K.RamaDevi 1 , A. Jhansi Rani 2, A. Mallikarjuna Prasad 3, 1Pragati Engg. College, India, 2 V.R. Siddhartha Engg. College, India, 3 JNTUK,India.
Semantic Based Image Retrieval System for Generic Web Image Database
Umesh Katte, SJ college of engineering, India.
SPARQLGen: Generation of SPARQL from Pseudo BGP
Dipendra Singh Mandloi,P. M. Jat and Sanjay Chaudhary, DA-IICT,India.
Physical Abstraction method (RBIR) for OFDM system
Banda Sreenivas and R.Jawahar Lal, JITS,India.