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Unique. Reliable. Centrally located.

Zurich's unmistakable features are the breeze from the lake, the view of the Alps, and a first-class quality of life. Zurich is centrally located, reliably safe and secure, and its cultural life is simply unique. Zurich's lively shopping and nightlife round off a profile that makes Swiss as the perfect host region for this conference.

Well Connected

Zurich is at the heart of Switzerland, at the centre of Europe. Zurich international airport connects us to over 160 destinations worldwide. It takes only 10 minutes to reach the vibrant city centre from the airport.
Information about the public transportation The ZurichCARD offers you free travel across the whole Zurich public transport network (ZVV). The card also offers visitor reductions and special offers in restaurants, museums and Zurich nightspots. Information about the ZurichCARD.

Gastronomic delights

Zurich has one restaurant for every 180 inhabitants. Zurich offers the whole range, from gourmet dining through the historic guild houses offering Zurich specialities to modish bistros, from rural open-air venues to historic old premises. Your delegates will always get value for money.

Vibrant nightlife

Zurich has Switzerland's most varied and diverse nightlife, with around 500 bars and clubs in the city offering almost every entertainment you could wish for.

Social programmes and excursions

Zurich and its surroundings have an enormous amount to offer for interesting and intriguing social programmes and excursions for your occasion.

Visa Information

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