Accepted Papers

  • Management of Smart-Technology Market by Diffusion of Front Loading Innovation
    Sharly Joana Halder,Paritosh Giri and Wooju Kim,Yonsei University,South Korea.

    Smart technology markets are making best of their efforts for delivering products with high quality, at competitive prices and within prescribed time bounds to their geographically scattered customers. In order to achieve their strategic and tactical goals with a positive return on investment, companies are using a blend of various well known industrial solutions. A new innovative and a little drifting concept is in practice now-a-days termed as ‘Front Loading Innovation’ which basically encompasses the complete product during its whole life cycle. This paper is aimed to discuss the diffusion status of front loading innovation in the smart-technology market, its benefits and future prospects, predicting and forecasting its future marketing potential using appropriate tools and methodologies. With the successful diffusion of the concept of front loading innovation in its true spirit, smart-technology companies may have a positively deal with ever increasing brutal challenges of cost, quality and on-time delivery.

  • Analysis and forecasting of Wind power technology diffusion in the world using Bass model
    Paritosh Giri,Sharly Joana Halder and Wooju Kim,Yonsei University,South Korea.

    Wind power is a technology that has seen widespread rise in recent years. The awareness for clean energy and the improvement in the efficiency of wind power production are few factors that has aided to its increased diffusion rate. Although a very old technology, the recent growth in its diffusion process has made it an interesting topic for its diffusion analysis across the world. This paper discusses on the patterns of growth of wind power technology across the world based on different regions. Bass diffusion model being one of the most common and popular models for the diffusion analysis, has been used for the modeling of the wind power data for each region and the corresponding forecasting was done to predict the diffusion of this technology for years to come..

  • Reversible Fragile Algorithm for Watermarking relational database Based on Multilevel Histogram Modification
    Amal Hamdy, Mohamed Hashem, Amal El-Shershaby and Sawsan Shouman,Ain Shams University,Egypt.

    Fragile watermarking is commonly used for content authentication and tamper detection in relational database.For some critical applications, such as medical systems, the fragile watermarking system should be based on a reversible data hiding scheme. Reversibility is the ability to regenerate the original relation from the watermarked relation. This paper proposes a reversible and blinded fragile watermarking technique to detect and localize database tampering using a multilevel histogram modification mechanism.In the proposed scheme more peak points are used for hiding secret bits, the hiding capacity is enhanced compared with those conventional methods based on one or two level histogram modification. Furthermore, the proposed scheme can also characterize the modifications to quantify the nature of tampering attacks based on evaluating the local characteristics of database relation like frequency distribution of bits. The experimental results demonstrate that tampered groups are correctly detected, and non-tampered data recovered with high quality.

  • Practices and Perspectives of Functioning Electronic Trading System for State and Municipal Needs in Russia
    Natalya Mamedova,Moscow State University of Economics,Russian Federation.

    The article presents the results of studies of the formation and activities of the major electronic platforms for electronic auctions in Russia, and also prognosis and selection of key parameters of the new electronic trading platforms.

  • A Component and Technique Based Analysis of Cloud Reliability Approaches
    Abishi Chowdhury and Priyanka Tripathi,National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research,India.

    Cloud computing provides different types of services like software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service. The cloud provides multiple services at a time to different users, so the reliability of cloud computing environment is a very important aspect. Whether or not the cloud is reliable can be determined by the number of failures occurred in the cloud computing environment vs. the total number of tasks done by the cloud. The reliability of cloud computing can be the reliability of the infrastructure of the cloud or can be the action taken by the cloud on any kind of failure when it happens. In this paper, we have studied different types of cloud reliability approaches, components for reliability measurement and the methodology for measuring reliability.

  • Sourcing for IT-related Innovation: How to get more technological-driven innovation out of a service provider
    Van der Linden Bart,Bosselaers Theoand Hajdasinski Andrzej,Center for International Business and Diplomacy Nyenrode Business University Breukelen, Netherlands.

    The purpose of this paper is to enlighten possibilities of how open innovation between outsourcers and IT suppliers can be boosted. In particular, this paper describes where in the process of innovation the supplier can give input to successfully implement an idea. Several theories are used as a framework to describe in a cohesive way four cases. The cases are then plotted on a framework for managing innovations from idea to implementation, the stage gate model. For every stage or even all the stages, service providers can use their experiences and knowledge to increase the successful implementation of innovations. Next to that, the theories used to describe cases will help practitioners of innovation within outsourcing relationships to drive these innovations. The limitations of this paper are that the selection of the cases as well as the amount of cases implicates a somewhat narrow view of this type of open innovation. However, the cases give a proper starting point for the sourcing community to position their own case on the framework. Also, the selection of theories will narrow the view of management style. In the field of innovation management literature, lots of usable theories and framework are already developed to use. This paper describes for the first time how and when innovation is possible between an outsourcer and supplier. Lots of organizations do have a relationship of this type and it shows how this type of open innovation can be enabled and boosted.

  • A Multi-Layer Architecture For Spamdetection System
    Harun Kuc and Adnan Kuc,BH Telecom d.d. Sarajevo, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Before 2013 in Bosnia and Herzegovina customers have to give up his\her previous mobile number for using another telecom operator services in case of dissatisfaction. But due to introduction of MNP the customer now do not have to change his\her mobile number. Hence, mobile number portability (MNP) requires mobile carriers to allow customers to keep their mobile numbers when switching from one carrier to another. Therefore, the adoption of MNP by consumers will have important implications for telecom marketing theory and practice in consumer behaviour areas such as switching behaviour. The paper proposes a model that helps to explain consumer behaviour towards Mobile Number Portability (MNP) policy and the influence of factors quality of service, price of service and customer satisfaction on consumer switching intention process in the telecommunication industry. In this paper we present the results of research of the influence of service and price of service on customer switching intention. We tested hypotheses about how the quality, price and customer satisfaction affect customer switching intention.

  • Liquid-Crystal Tunable Filter Hyperspectral Imaging System for Characterization Tissues
    Jong-Ha Lee,Keimyung University,South Korea

    We developed and characterized a new near-infrared hyperspectral imaging system. The system consists of a charged coupled device and liquid crystal tunable filter, which is continuously tunable in the near-infrared spectral range of 650-1100 nm with a mean bandwidth of 5 nm. Experiments are conducted to quantitatively determine normal tissues characterization. In the first experiment, hyperspectral images are acquired from normal lung tissue phantom and analyzed. The data shows obvious peak absorption intensity at four different near infrared wavelengths (760, 805, 905, and 970 nm). In the second experiment, the simulated malign lung tissue phantom is used to compare the spectrum between normal and malign tissues. The experimental result indicates that for different type of tissues, the absorption intensity of the spectrum integrated over near-infrared spectral region was considerably different in normal tissues and simulated malign tissues. This difference provides the basis for the detection and delineation of the malign tissue margins from the normal tissues.