The Second International Conference on Advances in Computing and Information Technology
(ACITY 2012)

Venue: The Park Hotels
July 13 ~ 14, 2012, Chennai, India.


  Intelligent Network-based Intrusion Detection System (INIDS) (Mahalingam P.R )
  Effective Implementation And Evaluation Of Aes In Matlab     ( Amish Kumar and Namita Tiwari )
  Obfuscated Implementation of RC4 ( Roger Zahno and Amr M. Youssef )

Composing Signatures for misuse intrusion detection system using genetic algorithm in an offline environment    
( Mayank Kumar Goyal and Alok Agarwal )

Performance analysis of TCP & UDP in co-located variable Bandwidth environment sharing same transmission links
( Mayank Kumar Goyal, Yatendra Kumar Verma, Paras Bassi and Paurush Kumar Misra )

String Matching Techniques Based on Hardware: A Comparative Analysis ( Aakanksha Pandey and Nilay Khare )

A Efficient Target Recovery Algorithm using Wireless Sensor Network       ( Ashish Gupta, Shailaja Patil and Mukesh Zaveri )
  Synchronization in Distributed Systems ( Tripti C and Amritha Sampath )

Localization in Wireless Sensor Network: A Distributed Approach       ( Shailaja Patil and Mukesh Zaveri )

DARIH: Distributed Adaptive Routing via Information Highway in Sensor Network      
( Monomita Mazumdar, Srimanta Halder, Prasenjit Chanak and Indrajit Banerjee )

FTLBS: Fault Tolerant Load Balancing Scheme in Wireless Sensor Network
( SrimantaHalder, MonomitaMazumdar, PrasenjitChanak and Indrajit Banerjee )

Enhanced SAFER+ Algorithm for Bluetooth to Withstand against Key Pairing Attack   ( Payal Chaudhari and Hiteishi Diwanji )
  Super Peer s Deployment in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems ( R.Venkadeshan and M.Jegatha )
  ECDLP Based Proxy Multi-Signature Scheme    ( Ramanuj Chouksey, R.Sivashankari and Piyush Singhai )
  Mutual Authentication for wireless Communication Using Elliptic Curve Digital signature Based On Pre-known Password    
( Tumpa Roy, Poonam Sisodia, Divye Upadhyay and Kamlesh Dutta )
  English to Hindi Machine Translator Using GMT and RBMT Approach    ( Ambrish Srivastav and Nitin Hambir  )
  Secret Image Embedded Authentication of Song Signal through Wavelet Transform (IAWT)   ( Uttam Kr. Mondal and J.K.Mandal )
  Checkpointing and Recovery using Node Mobility Among Clusters in Mobile Ad hoc Network ( Suparna Biswas and Sarmistha Neogy )
  Web Mining and Security in E-commerce       ( Mohammed Atiq Shaikh, Dayanand Ingle and Bandu Meshram )
  A Visualization Tool For Analyzing The Design of Physical And Network Layers Parameters of Wireless Network      
(Jasmine Araujo, Josiane Rodrigues, Simone Fraiha, Herminio Gomes,Nandamudi Lankalapalli Vijaykumar,Gervasio Cavalcante and Carlos Frances)
  A Novel Algorithm for Hub Protein identification in H.Sapiens using global Amino acid features     
(Aswathi B.L,Baharak Goli and Achuthsankar S. Nair)
  A Language Independent Approach To Develop Urdu Stemmer     (Mohd. Shahid Husain, Faiyaz Ahamad and Saba Khalid)
  The Role of Empirical Mode Decomposition on Emotion Classification using Stimulated EEG Signals     
(Anwesha Khasnobish, Saugat Bhattacharyya, Garima Singh, Arindam Jati, Amit Konar, D.N.Tibarewala and R. Janarthanan)
  Discovering Dispathcing Rules For Job Shop Schdeuling Using Data Mining     (R.Balasundaram , N.Baskar and R.Siva Sankar)
  Gene Selection and Classification Rule Generation for Microarray dataset     (Soumen Kumar Pati and Asit Kumar Das)
  Electro-oculogram based Classification of Eye Movement Direction     (Anwesha Banerjee, Amit Konar, R. Janarthanan and D.N. Tibarewala)
  Review on Off-Line Signature Verification Techniques for Reducing Forgeries/Fraud     (Natasha Sharma, Munish Kumar)
  A Naive Approach for Prediction of Sectorial Stock Market     (Neeraj Kharya and Jyothi Pillai)
  Video Segmentation Using Effective Fuzzy Based Object Extraction     (K. Mahesh and K. Kuppusamy)
  Facial Expression and Hand gesture in Classical Indian Dance - A Context For each other
(A.Butalia, A.K.Ramani, Maya lngle, Parag Kulkarni)
  CO2 Gas Sensor Using Resonant Frequency changes in Micro-Cantilever     (S.Subhashini and A.Vimala Juliet)
  A Theoretical Process Model for Smartphones (Frances Chevonne Dancer, David A.Dampier, Jacqueline M.Jackson and Natarajan Meghanathan)
  Sense Disambiguation Technique for Information Retrieval in Web Search         ( Rekha Jain and G.N. Purohit )
  Motion correction in physical action of Human body applied to Yogasana      (Geetanjali Kale ,and Varsha Patil)
  Improvement the Bag of Words Image Representation Using Spatial Information 
(Mohammad Mehdi Farhangi , Mohsen Soryani and Mahmood Fathy)
  Adaptive Fusion based Hybrid Denoising Method for Texture Images     (Preety D. Swami and Alok Jain)
  Separable Discrete Hartley Transform based Invisible Watermarking for Color Image Authentication (SDHTIWCIA)     
(J. K. Mandal and S. K.Ghosal)
  Contour-based Video Inpainting in Presence of More than One Moving Object     (Amanna Ghanbari,Mohsen Soryani)
  Detection of Cerebral Aneurysm by Performing Thresholding-Spatial Filtering-Thresholding Operations on Digital Subtraction Angiogram      (Jubin Mitra and Abhijit Chandra)
  Adaptive Region Based Huffman Compression Technique with selective code interchanging     (Utpal Nandi, Jyotsna Kumar Mandal)
  Awareness Based Approach against E-mail Attacks      (Gaurav Kumar Tak, Gaurav Ojha)
  A Web-based Adaptive and Intelligent Tutor by Expert Systems ( Hossein Movafegh Ghadirli and Maryam Rastgarpour )
  Survey on Co-operative P2P Information Exchange in Large P2P Networks ( S.Nithya and K.Palanivel)
  New Distances for Improving the Progressive Alignmnt Algorithm ( Ahmed Mokaddem and Mourad Elloumi)
  The Simulation of the Assembling Production Process ( Robert Paulicek, Tomas Haluska and Pavel Vazan)
  Brain Tumor Segmentation using Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)
( Minakshi Sharma and Sourabh Mukharjee)
  Investigations on Object Constraints in Unified Software Development Process ( Meena Sharma and Rajeev G Vishwakarma)
  HURI - A Novel Algorithm for mining high utility rare itemsets ( Jyothi Pillai, O.P. Vyas and Maybin Muyeba)
  Harmony-based Feature Weighting to Improve the Nearest Neighbor Classi cation
( Mehrnoosh Sinaee, Ali Adeli, M. Javad Zomorodian and Ali Hamzeh)
  Machine Learning for Robocup ( Cheng Shi, Chen Shan-li, Pan Jian-sheng and Tang Yu-ying)
  Efficient cryptography technique on Perturbed data in Distributed Environment
( Nishant Doshi )
  A Novel Approach for Dynamic Web Service Composition through Network Analysis with Backtracking ( K.Rajeswar, E.Jeevitha, R.Stephy Graph and M.Suresh Kumar)
  Extending Application of Non-Verbal Communication to Effective Requirement Elicitation
( Md. Rizwan Beg, Md. Muqeem and Md .Faizan Farooqui)
  A Critical Review of Migrating Parallel Web Crawler ( Md .Faizan Farooqui, Md. Rizwan Beg and Md. Qasim Rafiq)
  Comprehensive Study of Estimation of Path Duration in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network ( R.S.Raw, Vikas Toor, and N.Singh)
  Efficiency Improvement of a-Si:H/┬Ác-Si:H Tandem Solar Cells by Adding a-SiOx:H Layer Between Ag Nano Particles and the Active Layer ( Ozcan Abdulkadir and Dhinaharan Nagamalai)
  Design of Efficient Reversible Multiplier ( Rangaraju H G, Aakash Babu Suresh and Muralidhara K N)
  A Scheme For Improving Bit Efficiency For Residue Number System ( Chaitali Biswas Dutta, Partha Garai and Amitabha Sinha)
  Low Power Design Analysis of PLL Components in submicron Technology ( Kanika Garg and Vemu Sulochana Verma)
  M-ADTCP: An Approach for Congestion Control in MANET ( Sreenivas B.C and G.C. Bhanu Prakash)
  Improved Autonomous Power Control MAC Protocol for MANETs ( Sohan Kumar Yadav and D. K. Lobiyal)
  Building OWL Ontology: LMSO-Library Management System Ontologys ( Ayesha Banu, Syeda Sameen Fatima and Khaleel Ur Rahman Khan)
  An Effective Approach To Detect Ddos Attack ( Manoj R and Tripti C )
  Query Optimization Over Web Services Using A Mixed Approach
( Debajyoti Mukhopadhyay , Dhaval Chandarana, Rutvi Dave,Sharyu Page and Shikha Gupta )
  Composition of Location Based Services in Decentralized Registry Based Architecture
( Kavita Kumari, Melwyn D'Souza and Ananthanarayana V.S )
  Comparative Study on Strengths and Weaknesses of Trust Algorithms in Semantic Web based Networks (Prachi Girdhar and Suresh Kumar)
  A Novel Genetic Algorithm based Data Embedding Technique in Frequency Domain using Z Transform (ANGAFDZT)( J. K. Mandal`, A. Khamrui, S Chakraborty, P Sur , S K Datta and I RoyChoudhury )
  A Cryptographic Algorithm Analysis For Security Threats Of Semantic E-Commerce Web (SECW) For Electronic Payment Transaction System ( Akhilesh Dwivedi,Sureshkumar and Abhishek Dwived )