The Second International Conference on Computational Science, Engineering and Information
Technology (CCSEIT-2012)

Venue: Avinashilingam University,
October 26 ~ 27, 2012, Coimbatore, India.


  Host based Attack Detection using System Calls ( Jestin Joy and Anita John )
  Harmony-based Feature Selection to Improve the Nearest Neighbor Classification     ( Ali Adeli, Mehrnoosh Sinaee and Mehdi Neshat )
  CMMI Based Software Metrics to Evaluate OOAD ( Meena Sharma and Rajeev G Vishwakarma )

Preprocessing of Web Log File: A Survey    ( V.A. Losarwar and M.S. Joshi )

A Novel Approach for Dynamic Leader Election and Key Based Security in MANET Clusters for the Secured Data Distribution
( Arifa Azeez and Preetha K G )

Secure Multipoint Relay based Routing in MANET ( Himadri Nath Saha, Debika Bhattacharyya and P.K.Banerjee )

A A Framework for the Description, Discovery and Composition of RESTful Semantic Web Services       ( Davis John and Rajasree M. S. )
  Efficient Strategy for Co-Ordinated Multirobot Exploration ( Sonali Patel, Anupam Shukla and Ritu Tiwari )

Trust based Secure Multipath OLSR Routing Protocol in MANET using Fuzzy Theory       ( S.Geetha and G.Geetha Ramani )

Elicitation of Security Requirements for E-Health System by applying Model Oriented Security Requirements Engineering (MOSRE) Framework       ( P.Salini and S.Kanmani )

Fault Tolerance – Case Study ( Abbas Mohammed and Roshan Kavuri )

Enhancing the Security of Digital Video Watermarking using Watermark Encryption  
( Ujan Mukhopadhyay, Souptik Sinha, Poulomi Ghosh, Rilok Ghosh, Dipak Kr.Kole and Aruna Chakroborty )
  Efficient Content-based Indexing of Sequential data with Bitmaps ( Ritambhra Korpal )
  Exploring Routing with Multiple Quality of Service Parameters in High-Speed Networks    ( Monika Jena and Ajay Rana )
  A Re-Usability Approach to Ontology Construction    ( Ayesha Banu, Syeda Sameen Fatima and Khaleel Ur Rahman Khan )
  Low Frequency Keyword and Keyphrase Extraction from Meeting Transcripts with Sentiment Classification Using Unsupervised Framework    ( J.I.Sheeba and K.Vivekanandan )
  Detecting Epileptic Seizures Using Electroencephalogram: A Novel Technique for Seizure Classification using Fast Walsh-Hadamard Transform and Hybrid Extreme Learning Machine   ( Geetha Kumaravel and Geethalakshmi Subburayan )
  A Multi-dimensional Recommendation Algorithm Based on Bipartite Network Projection ( Xiangyun Xiong and Yuchen Fu )
  Survey of cyber crime activities and preventive measures       ( Ramesh P and Maheshwari D )
  Text Classification using Symbolic Similarity Measure      ( B S Harish, S Manjunath and D S Guru )
  Design of 9-Transistor Single Bit Full Adder     ( Manoj Kumar )
  A Study on Human Gait Analysis     ( Saman Shahid, Anup Nandy, Soumik Mondal, Maksud Ahmed, Pavan Chakraborty and G C Nandi )
  Multimodal Pattern Oriented Software Architecture for Self-Configuration and Self-Healing in Autonomic Computing Systems     
( Vishnuvardhan Mannava and T.Ramesh )
  Information Gain Clustering Through Prototype - Embedded Genetic K-Mean Algorithm (IGCPGKA) A Novel Heuristic Approach for Personalisation of Cold Start Problem     ( Mohd Abdul Hameed, S. Ramachandram and Omar Al Jadaan )
  A Service Configuration and Composition Design Pattern for Autonomic Computing System using Service Oriented Architecture     
( Vishnuvardhan Mannava and T. Ramesh )
  Storing XML Rules in Relational Storage of XML DTD     ( A. A. Abd El-Aziz )
  A Fuzzy based Trustworthy Route Selection Method using LSRP in Wireless Sensor Networks (FTRSP)
     ( Arnab Raha, Arpita Chakraborty, Shovan Maity, Mrinal Kanti Naskar and Anupam Karmakar )
  K-Means with Bi-dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition for Segmentation of Microarray Image     
( J.Harikiran, M.Phanendra, N.N.Swamy, P.V.Lakshmi and R.Kiran Kumar )
  An Efficient Hybrid Algorithm to Evolve and Awale Player     ( Randle O.A. )
  Privacy Preserving k-medoids Clustering: An Approach towards Securing Data in Mobile Cloud Architecture
( Sanjit Kumar Dash and Sweta Dash )
  Format Based Photo Forgery Image Detection     ( S.Murali, Basavearj S. Anami, Govindraj B. Chittapur and Prabhakara Hs )
  Ontological Student Profile ( Ayesha Ameen, Khaleel Ur Rahman Khan and B.Padmaja Rani )
  K-Level Based Transmission Range Scheme to Alleviate Energy Hole Problem in WSN         ( K.Thanigaivelu and K.Murugan )
  Recent Frequent Itemsets Mining Over Data Streams      ( Pramod S )
  Structure Based Drug Design Studies on Urokinase Plasminogen Activator Inhibitors using AutoDock 
( M. Naresh Babu, R. Bhramarambha and Allam Appa Rao )
  A Comparative Study of Two Formal Specification Languages: Z-Notation & B-Method     ( Arvinder Kaur, Samridhi Gulati and Sarita Singh )
  Performance Analysis of Decomposition Techniques in Multilevel Secure Relational Database Systems     
( Pooja Sapra, Suresh Kumar and R K Rathy )
  Face Recognition Using Facial Symmetry     ( Avinash Kumar Singh and G. C. Nandi )
  Reduct Generation of Microarray Dataset Using Rough Set and Graph Theory for Unsupervised Learning      
( Asit Kr. Das, Soumen Kr. Pati and Saikat Chakrabarty )
  Stationary Wavelet Transform Based Audio Authentication Technique     ( Tanmay Bhattacharya, Nilanjan Dey and S. R. Bhadra Chaudhuri )
  Interoperability Issues in Web Services     ( Kalpana Johari and Arvinder Kaur )
  A New Deferred cleansing technique for Effective Warehousing of RFID ( A.Anny Leema and Hemalatha.M )
  A new approach of voice conversion based on the GMM model ( A.Guerid and A.Houacine )
  Authenticity Check to provide Trusted Platform in MANET (ACTP) ( Renu Dalal, Manju Khari and Yudhvir Singh )
  HTB Based Packet Scheduler for Cloud Computing ( Soumya Antony, Simy Antony, Ajeena Beegom A S and Rajasree M S )
  Improved K-Means Clustering Algorithm for Two Dimensional Data ( Rupali Vij and Suresh Kumar )
  Fast Novel Image Reconstruction Algorithm Using Adaptive R-Tree Based Segmentation and Linear Bivariate Splines
( Anshul Sood, Monish Kaul and Rajesh Siddavatam )
  Empirical Study of Software Quality Estimation ( InderpreetKaur and ArvinderKaur )
  A Cross Layer Based Reliable Route Metric for Mobile Ad hoc Networks ( Gaurav Bhatia and Vivek Kumar )
  Delay-bounded Event Detection in Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks ( Yingchi Mao and Guibotsi Guikabanga Rolan )
  Virtualization of Virtual Memory Address Space ( Natarajan Meghanathan )
  Estimation of Component Reusability by Identifying Quality Attributes of Component – A Fuzzy Approach ( Aman Jatain and Deepti Gaur )
  A Fair Spectrum Sharing Approach in Cognitive Radio Networks ( Leila Yousefi )
  Format Based Photo Forgery Image Detection ( S.Murali, Basavearj S. Anami, Govindraj B. Chittapur and Prabhakara Hs )