The Second International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology

Venue: Royal Orchid Central
January 2 ~ 4, 2011, Bangalore, India.

Program Schedule



  Adaptive K-Means Clustering to Handle Heterogeneous Data Using Basic Rough Set Theory
(B. K. Tripathy, Adhir Ghosh and G.K.Panda )
  A Node Stability Index-based Connected Dominating Set Algorithm for Mobile Ad hoc Networks     (Natarajan Meghanathan )
  Adaptive MMSE Equalizer through LMS algorithm based CMA Channel Equalization

A Link Distance Ratio based Stable Multicast Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks    (Natarajan Meghanathan)

Different Types of Attacks Mitigation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Cellular Automata
(Himadri Nath Saha ,Debika Bhattacharyya ,P. K.Banerjee)

A New Symmetric Key Cryptosystem Based on Feistel Network: Parallel Dependent Feistel Network (PDFN)
(Indrajit Das)

A logical Topology to find alternate routes in WDM lightwave network       (Santosh Das, Abhijit Makhal)
  Diameter Single Sign On - Secure and Personalized Service Provision via Authentication and Authorization Mechanisms
(Robayet Nasim)

Mobile Agent in InVANET - Traffic Management       (V.Arun and K.Shunmuganathan)

A New Approach To Steganography       (Soumik Mukherjee, Moumita Deb, Pratik Kumar Agarwal and Abhinava Roy)

Handover Latency Measurement of Mobile IPv6 in a Testbed Environment
(Muhammad Arif Amin, Kamalrulnizam Bin Abu Bakar Abdul Hanan Abdullah, Mahesh Nair and Rashid Hafeez Khokhar)

Soft Computing Technique Based Call Admission Control Decision Mechanism 
(Ramesh Babu H.S, Mahesh.G, Gowrishankar and Satyanarayana P.S)
  An Optimal Rpc Based Approach To Increase Fault In Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
(Rabindra Kumar shial,K Hemant Ku.Reddy,K.L.Narayana)
  Throughput Analysis of Next-Hop Forwarding Method for Non-Linear Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
(Ram Shringar Raw and D.K. Lobiyal)
  And Security in Digital Networks From The Perspective of Modeling and Software Development    
( Erich Ortner )
  Developing Software Metrics for Analysis & Design Artifacts in Unified Process    ( Sharma Meena1 and Vishwakarma Rajeev )
  A Genetic Algorithm with Entropy Based Probabilistic Initialization and Memory for Automated Rule Mining     
( Saroj, Kapila, Dinesh Kumar and Kanika )
  A Novel Face Recognition Method Using PCA, LDA And Support Vector Machine     
( Raghavendra U, Mahesh.P.K and Anjan Gudigar )
  Enhancing E-Learning through Cognitive Structures for Learning Sports     
( MuthuLakshmi S, Nagasundari S, Surender Nath S.P and Uma G.V )
  SecureWear: A Framework for Securing Mobile Social Networks       (Baishakhi Ray and Richard Han)
  Radix-4 Modified Interleaved Modular Multiplier Based on Sign Detection     
( Mohamed A. Nassar and Layla A. A. El-Sayed )
  Classification of MRI Brain Images Using Cosine-modulated Wavelets        ( Yogita K. Dubey and Milind M. Mushrif )
  A novel algorithm for prediction of protein coding DNA from non-coding DNA in microbial genomes using genomic composition and dinucleotide compositional skew     ( Baharak Goli , Aswathi B. L and Achuthsankar S. Nair )
  A Heuristic Approach for Community Detection in Protein Networks     ( Sminu Izudheen and Sheena Mathew )
  Virtual Interactive Prototyping       ( Kurien Zacharia, Eldo P. Elias and Surekha Mariam Varghese )
  Location Service Management Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Urban Environment       
( Salim M. Zaki, M. A. Ngadi, Shukor Abd Razak, Maznah Kamat and Johan Mohamad Shariff )
  Key Dependent Feature Point Based Image Watermarking Scheme       
( Ramesh Kumar Surapathi, Kamalika Datta and I. Sengupta )
  Unique-minimum conflict-free coloring for chain of rings       ( Einollah Pira )
  Encouraging the Usage of Neural Network in Video Text Detection Application       
( Suresh Kumar Balasubramaniyan, Praveen Kumar Mani, Arun Kumar Karthikeyan and Ganesh Shankar )
  Use of Augmented Reality in Serious Game for Training Medical Personnel        
( Arun Kumar Karthikeyan, Praveen Kumar Mani, Suresh Kumar Balasubramaniyan and Praveen Jelish Panneer Selvam )
  Proposed Software Development Model for Small Organization and its Explanation       ( Vinish Kumar and Sachin Gupta )
  Opinion Mining from Weblogs and its Relevance for Socio-political Research       
( Vivek Kumar Singh, Nisha Tiwari, Shekhar Garg, Mousumi Mukherjee and Ghanshyam Kumar Mehta )
  Cognitive Symmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithm     ( Y.RA. Kannan, S. Aravind Prasad and P. Varalakshmi )
  Design of Fractional order Digital Differentiator Using Inverse Multiquadric Radial Basis Function      
( Nitin Kumar. and Tarun Kumar Rawat )
  A Framework for Transparency in Shgs        ( A B Sagar )
  User-centric Situation Awareness in Ubiquitous Computing Environments        (Gautham Pallapa and Sajal K. Das)
  Adaptive QoS-Aware Web Service Composition ( Deivamani Mallayya and Baskaran Ramachandran )
  An Authenticated BSS Methodology for Data Security Using Steganography      
( Ravi Kumar. B, Murti. P. R. K and Hemanth Kumar. B )
  Optimized FZ-LEACH Using Exponential Weighted Moving Average for Wireless Sensor Network
( K.Ramesh and K.Somasundaram )
  Calculation of the minimum time complexity based on information entropy
( Xue WU )
  A Comparative Analysis of Watermarking Techniques for Copy Protection of Digital Images
( Dolley Shukla and Manisha Sharma )
  A Distributed OFDM Polarizing Transmission via Broadcast Switching     ( Ying Guo )
  Spanning tree based Reliable Data Transmission in LEACH   ( Neeranjan Chitare, Rashmi M, Shalini R. Urs and Srinivas Sampalli )
  Requirements Volatility in Software Maintenance     ( D.Kavitha and Ananthi Sheshasaayee )
  A New Encryption Method for Secured Message Passing by Sorting Technique     ( S. Muthusundari and S.Santhosh Baboo )
  Wireless Sensor Network Security   ( Saurabh Sharma, Amit Sahu, Ashok Verma and Santosh Vishwakarma )
  Key Management for Group based Mobile Ad hoc Networks    ( Kamal Kumar Chauhan and Amit Kumar Singh Sanger )
  Finite State Transducers Framework for Monitors Conflict Detection and Resolution   ( Soha Hussein )
  Real Time Facial Expression Recognition   ( Saumil Srivastava )
  A non-revisiting Genetic Algorithm with adaptive mutation for Function Optimization    ( Saroj and Devraj )
  Intersection area based geocasting protocol (IBGP) for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks      ( Sanjoy Das and D. K. lobiyal )
  Analysis of IG DV Protocols in MPLS Network for Quality of Video Conference
( Swarnalatha Mannar Mannan, Arunkumar Jayaraman, and Kolachina Srinivasa Kranthi Kiran )
  A Comparative Study of Placement of Processor on Silicon and Thermal Analysis      (Ramya Menon. C and Vinod Pangracious)