The Fourth International Conference on Network Security & Applications (CNSA-2011)

Venue: Hyatt Regency Chennai
July 15 ~ 17, 2011, Chennai, India.

Accepted Papers

A Modified Energy-Efficient Transmission Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks
N.A.Natraj, S.Gopinath and S.B.Aneithkumar, Anna University of Technology-Coimbatore, India
Study of Malware Threats Faced by the Typical Email Users
Anthony Ayodele,James Henrydoss,Walter Schrier and Terry Boult, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, USA
Re-Pro-active vs Hybrid Protocols: A Simulation study between different routing approaches using traversing in Wireless Ad-hoc network
Akhilendra S Bhadoria, Sanjeev Sharma, Manisha Bhadoria and Rajesh Wadhwani
A Comparison of Routing Attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks
Shahriar Mohammadi1 and Hossein Jadidoleslamy2, 1K.N.Tossi University of Technology, Iran and 2University of Guilan, Iran
Vector Space Access Structure and ID based Distributed DRM Key Management
Ratna Dutta, Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur, India
Vulnerability Assessment Methods - A Review
Hiran V Nath and Gireesh Kumar T, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, India
Collaborative Polling Scheme to Detect and Isolate the Colluding Packet Droppers in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
K. Gopalakrishnan and V. Rhymend Uthariaraj, Anna University, India
Difference between Intrusion Detection System (IDS) & Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Asmaa Shaker Ashoor and Sharad Gore, Pune University, India
Defense Strategy Against Network Worms causing ICMP attacks and its Forensic Analysis
Aathira K. S, Thulasi N. Kutty and Gireesh Kumar, Amrita University-Coimbatore, India
Time Stamp Based ECC Encryption and Decryption
A.V.N.Krishna, PJMS, India
Analysis of Algebraic Attack on TRIVIUM and Minute Modification to TRIVIUM
Ashji s Raj and Chungath Srinivasan, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India
Intrusion Detection System using Rough Set Theory and Incremental SVM
Ghanshyam Prasad Dubey, Vijay Chaudhary and Illyas Khan, TIT, Bhopal, M.P., India
Development of a Novel Algorithm To Increase Network Lifetime for Sensor Network
A.R. Sardar1, J. P. Sharma2, S.J.Das2, J.K.Sing2 and S.K.Sarkar2, 1Institute of Technology & Marine Engineering, India and 2Jadavpur University, India
An Efficient Route Discovery In MANETs With Improved Route Lifetime
S.Priyadarsini, T.M. Navamani and Yogesh, Anna university, India
End-to-End Security for At-Home Medical Monitoring
Mohanavalli Seetha Subramanian1 and Sheila Anand2, 1Tagore Engineering College, India and 2Rajalakshmi Engineering College, India
Design of Secure Chaotic Hash Function based on Logistic and Tent Maps
P. Jhansi Rani, M.Sambasiva Rao and S.Durga Bhavani, University of Hyderabad, India
Detecting Anomalous Application Behaviors using a System Call Clustering Method over Critical Resources
Jyostna Grandhi, Himanshu Pareek and P R L Eswari, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India
Behavioral malware detection expert system - Tarantula
Sandeep Romana, Swapnil Phadnis and Himanshu Pareek, Center for development of advanced computing, India
Tool for Prevention and Detection of Phishing E-mail Attacks
Shamal M. Firake, Pravin Soni, B.B.Meshram, V.J.T.I.-Mumbai, India
Improvement of QoS performance in MANET by QoS-TORA: a TORA Based QoS Routing Algorithm
Govind K.Jha,Neeraj Kumar, Himanshu Sharma and K.G Sharma, GLA University Mathura, India
Authentication Process in IEEE 802.11: Current Issues and Challenges
Dinesh Yadav and Anjali Sardana, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
Tool For Prevention And Detection Of Input Validation Attacks
Anjali Yeole and Bandu Meshram,Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute Matunga Mumbai, India
Network Level Anomaly Detection System Using MST Based Genetic Clustering
Kola Sujatha P, Arun R, Shanthoosh P V, Ezra Prince Jebahar I and Kannan A, Anna Unniversity, Chennai, India
A Hybrid Approach to Texture Classification
V. Subbiah Bharathi1 and B. Vijayalakshmi2, 1DMI College of Engineering, India and 2Velammal College of Management and Computer Studies, India
Completeness of LAN Attack Detection using Discrete Event Systems
F.A. Barbhuiya, N Hubballi and S Biswas and S Nandi, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
Designing Dependable Web Services Security Architecture Solutions
D.Shravani1, P.Suresh Varma2 and M.Upendra Kumar3, 1Rayalaseema University, India, 2Adikavi Nannaya University, India and 3JNTU, India
A Case Study Of Security In Vanets
Siva Rama Krishnan S, Pavithra Balaji, Gracia S and Sakthi Ganesh M, VIT University, India
Minimizing Synchronization Messages in Coordinated Checkpointing for Mobile Distributed Systems
Parveen Kumar, Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology, India
e-Tendering: Making e-business Alive
Ishan Mishra, Salhin Iqbal and S.M.Yasir Anwar, YCCE, India
Performance Evaluation of RB Switching and NRB Switching in Ad Hoc Wireless Network
Vikas G. Bhowate and Girija G.Chiddarwar, Sinhgad College of Engineering-Pune, India
Different Types of Debouncing Solutions
Sri Latha Bhamidipati and Venkata Praveen. M, GITAM University, India.
Protocol for Simultaneous Ownership Transfer of Multiple RFID Tags with TTP
Wei Zhou1 and Selwyn Piramuthu2, 1ESCP Europe, France and 2University of Florida, USA
Data Security in Free Roaming Mobile agents
G.Geetha 1 and C.Jayakumar2, 1Jerusalem college of Engineering, India and 2RMK Engineering college, India
A Preventive Measure to Protect from Denial of Service Attack
Manas Ku.Dasmohapatra1, Kamalika Datta1 and Indranil Sengupta2, 1KIIT University-Bhubaneswar, India and 2IITK, India
Review of Some Checkpointing Algorithms for Distributed and Mobile Systems
Sunil Kumar Gupta1 and Parveen Kumar2, 1Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology, India and 2Beant College of Engineering and Technology, India
Using Raga as a Cryptographic Tool
Sandip Dutta, Soubhik Chakraborty and N.C.Mahanti, Birla Institute of Technology, India
Analysis and Comparision of Position Based Routing Protocol in Mobile Adhoc Network.
Vimal Upadhyay , Gori Shankar, Amritpal and Jai Balwan, St. Margaret Engineering College, India
Establishing Stable Certificate Chain Based Hybrid Key Management Scheme for MANET
M. Suguna and P. Subathra, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India
Run-time Estimation based Grid Scheduling using Multilevel Feedback Queue for the Computational Grid Environment
Rajkumar Rajavel, Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, India
Combining Power of MATLAB with SystemVerilog for Image and Video Processing ASIC Verification
Dhaval Modi1, Harsh Sitapara2, Rahul Shah3, Ekata Mehul3 and Pinal Engineer4, 1L.D. College of Engineering, India, 2M.S.University of Baroda, India, 3einfochips, India and 4S.V.N.I.T, India
Security Analysis Of Encryption Scheme Based On Edge Map Algorithm
S.Anusha and B.Bhuvaneswaran, Rajalakshi Engineering College, India
Memory Attack Detection of Cryptographic Algorithm
K.Rahimunnisa, S.Sureshkumar and Rincy Merrin Varkey, Karunya University, India
Performance Comparison Of Queueing Disciplines For Aeerg Protocol In Manet
S.Rajeswari and Y.Venkataramani, Saranathan College of Engineering, India
Design of a Cryptographic Tamper Detection Scheme for Network Security
B. Srinivasa Rao and S.D.V. Prasad, Malla Reddy EngineeringCollege, India
An Active Way of Filtering Scheme for Data Reporting in Wireless Sensor Networks
V.Manjula1 and R.Thalapathi Rajasekaran2, 1Anna University, India and 2S M K Fomra Inst. of Tech, India
Simulation of unified architecture of IEEE 802.11a and 802.16a PHY layers using MATLAB
Devashish Raval1, Nilesh Ranpura2, Ekata Mehul3 and Zuber Saiyed2, 1Charotar Institute of Technology, India, 2SVNIT-Surat, India and 3Einfochips Pvt. Ltd, India
A Novel Approach Towards Implementation Of Aes And Performance Comparison With The Proposed S-Box
K.Rahimunnisa, K.Rajeshkumar and S. Sureshkumar, Karunya University, India
Mutual Authentication for Mobile Communication Using Symmetric and Asymmetric Key Cryptography
Tumpa Roy and Kamlesh Dutta, NIT Hamirpur, India
Energy Efficient and Congestion Control Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Nesa Sudha.M1, Sapna E. John1 and Valarmathi M.L2, 1karunya university, India and 2Govt.College of Technology-Coimbatore, India
Advanced Techniques for Detection and Removal of Cracks in Digitized Paintings
Pranob K Charles, B.S.N Sasidhar Reddy and Ch.Pujitha, KLU, India
Intrusion Prevention By Native Language Password Authentication Scheme
Sree Latha.M1 and Sashi.M2, 1J.C.College of Engineering, India and Andhra University, India
An Improved Uncertainty Reduction Scheme Based on Bayesian Prediction in MANETs
B. Lydia Elizabeth, S. Sudha, A. John Prakash and V. Rhymend Uthariaraj, Anna University, India
Scalable Implementation of Active Detection Mechanism for LAN based Attacks
G. Bansal, N Kumar, F.A. Barbhuiya, S Biswas, and S Nandi, IIT Guwahati, India
A Survey Of Recent Intrusion Detection Systems For Wireless Sensor Network
Tapolina Bhattasali1 and Rituparna Chaki2, 1Techno India College of Technology, India and 2West Bengal University of Technology, India
Secure Network Steganographic Scheme Exploiting TCP Sequence Numbers
Vengala Satish Kumar, Tanima Dutta, Arijit Sur and Sukumar Nandi, IIT Guwahati India
Tcp Over Multihop Wireless Mesh Network
Sumedha R. Chokhandre and Urmila Shrawankar, G.H.Raisoni College of Engg, India
Novel Patch Propagation based Text Removal in an Image
B. Vidhya and S. Valarmathy, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, India
Intrusion Detection System based on Real Time Rule Accession and Honeypot
Abhay Nath Singh, Shiv Kumar and R.C.Joshi, Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee, India
Dynamic Trust Based Method to Mitigate Greyhole Attack in Mobile Adhoc Networks
N.Bhalaji and A.Shanmugam, Anna university of technology coimbatore, India
Key pre-distribution in 3-D grid-group deployment scheme
Samiran Bag, Indian Statistical Institute, India
Novel Methods for Montgomery Modular Multiplication for Public Key Cryptosystems
V.R.Venkatasubramani, M.Surendar, and S.Rajaram, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India
Protection against Denial of Service and Input Manipulation Vulnerabilities in Service Oriented Architecture
Alwyn Roshan Pais, Deepak D.J and B.R Chandavarkar, NITK-Surathkal, India
Reducing space complexity and Increase in security in 3D password Scheme
Sonkar S.K1, Awdeshkumar2 and Shivaji Ghungrad3, 1JJTU rajsthan, India, 2AVCOE Sangamner, India and 3st.xavier institute mumbai, India
Highly Resilient Key Predistribution Scheme Using Transversal Designs And Reed Muller Codes For Wireless Sensor Network
Samiran Bag1, Amrita Saha2 and Pinaki Sarkar3, 1ISI Kolkata, India, 2IIT Bombay, India and 3Jadavpur University, India
Communication Aware Co-Scheduling For Parallel Job Scheduling In Cluster Computing
A.Neela madheswari1 and A.Neela madheswari2, 1cse, India and 2Government College of Engineering, India
Improving fairness in network traffic by controlling congestion and unresponsive flows
M.Azath1 and R.S.D.Wahida banu2, 1MET'S School of Engineering, India and 2Government College of Engineering, India
Prevention Of Wormhole Attack in Ad-Hoc Networks
Sharma Pallavi and Trivedi Aditya, ABV-Indian Institute of Information and Management Technology, India
Authenticated Routing for Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol
Preeti Sachan and Pabitra Mohan Khilar, NIT Rurekela, India
A Fast and Efficient Mixed Encryption Scheme for Management Information Systems
P.Varalakshmi, Aravindh Ramaswamy, Aswath Balasubramanian and Palaniappan Vijaykumar, Anna University Chennai, India
Passblot: A usable way of authentication scheme to generate one time passwords
Sainath Gupta, Pruthvi Sabbu, Siddhartha Varma and Suryakanth V Gangashetty, IIIT - Hyderabad, India
Safeguarding Web Services using Self-Adaptive Schema Hardening Algorithm
Vipul Patel, Radhesh Mohandas and Alwyn R. Pais, NITK Surathkal, India
Modeling and Performance Analysis of QAM System
T.P. surekha1, T. Ananthapadmanabha2 and C. Puttamadappa3, 1Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, India, 2National Institute of Engineering, India and 3S.J.B. Institute of Technology, India
An IDS Evaluation-Centric Taxonomy of Wireless Security Attacks
Khalid Nasr, Anas Abou-El Kalam, and Christian Fraboul, Universite de Toulouse, France
Rational Secret Sharing with Honest Players over an Asynchronous Channel
William K. Moses Jr. and C. Pandu Rangan, IIT Chennai, India
A Cloud Computing Solution For Monitoring Patient's Health Conditions
Neethu.G.S and M.Shanmugasundaram, Hindustan Institute of Technology and science, India
A secure email login system using virtual password
Nishant Doshi, SVNIT, India
Bibliography of Social Networks
M.P.S. Bhatia and Deepti Lamba, University of Delhi, India
Agent based Cross Layer Intrusion Detection System for MANET
V. Anjana Devi1 and R.S.Bhuvaneswaran2, 1St.Joseph's College of Engineering, India and 2Anna University-Chennai, India
Designing Usability Heuristics for Intrusion Detection System
Tulsidas Patil, Ganesh Bhutkar and Noshir Tarapore, VIT,Pune, India
Evaluating Machine Learning Algorithms For Detecting DDoS Attacks
Manjula Suresh and R.Anitha, PSG College of Technology, India
Cognitive Symmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithm
Y.RA. Kannan, S. Aravind Prasad, Arshad Azeem and P. Varalakshmi, Madras Institute of Technology, India
Bayesian Based Confidence Model for Trust Inference in MANET
B. Lydia Elizabeth, R. Aaishwarya, P. Kiruthika, M. Nandini Shrada, A.John Prakash and V. Rhymend Uthariaraj, Anna University Chennai, India
Insecure Query Processing in the Delay/Fault Tolerant Mobile Sensor Network (DFT-MSN) and Mobile Peer to Peer Network
Rahul Johari1 and Neelima Gupta2, 1GGSIP University, India and 2University of Delhi, India
Efficiency and Security Enhancement in Tracking Mobile Devices
M. Roberts Masillamani, Renju.J.Vattakuzhy and D.S.John Deva Prasanna, Hindustan University Chennai, India
Implementation of Microcontroller Based Driver Circuit for Plasma Display Panel
P.Saravanan1 and P.A.Balakrishnan2, 1SNS College Of Engineering, India and 2KCG College of technology, India
Implementation of Localized Multicast for the Clone Detection in a Distributed Large- Scale Network
M.Roberts Massillamani, Jelin Sara George and D.S John Deva Prasanna, Hindustan University-Chennai, India
A Co-Operative Intrusion Detection System In Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
S.S Chopade1 and N.N.Mhala2, 1SSPACE, India and 2Bapurao Deshmukh COE, India
A Remote Laboratory Platform For Industrial Training Based On Programmable Logic Controllers
Sreedeep Krishnan and M.Arul Prasanna, PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, India
Barrel Distortion Correction In Wide Angle Camera Images Based On Fpga
T.Arul Nancy, Madha Engineering College, India
Design and study of Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating sensor for sensing Hazardous gases
Anubhuti Khare and Jaikaran Singh, UIT,RGPV Bhopal, India
Trust based Multipath Route Discovery for MANETs with improved Route Lifetime
S. Priyadarsini1, T.M. Navamani1 and P. Yogesh2, 1Easwari enginnering college, India and 2Anna University, India
Financial Time Series Volatility Forecast Using Evolutionary Hybrid Artificial Neural Network
Anupam Tarsauliya, Rahul Kala, Ritu Tiwari and Anupam Shukla, Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management Gwalior, India
Web Mining Research and Future Directions
G.Dileep Kumar and Manohar Gosul, SR Engineering College, India
Efficient Multicast Packet Authentication Using Batch Signature
P.Deepika and M.Pradeep, Anna University Chennai, India
An Intelligent Approach for Mining Frequent Spatial Objects in Geographic Information System
Animesh Tripathy1 and Prashanta Kumar Patra2, 1KIIT University, India and 2CET, BPUT, India
A Renovated Idea On Minimum Spanning Tree-Based Clustering Algorithm
K. Kavitha and N. RajKumar, Sri RamaKrishna Engineering College, India
Randomized Dispersive Multipath Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks
Juvanita.J, Pavendhar Bharathidasan College of Engineering and Technology, India
Raising End-User Security Awareness Through Interactive Games
Sheeba Mohandoss, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
Real Time Vehicle Tracking Using Rfid
Robert.P and Anuradha.P, Information Technology, Vel Tech Multi Tech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engineering College, India
A Location Discovery Distance Scheme Against Malicious Beacon Nodes
P.Selvaperumal and S.Sharanyaa, Vel Tech Dr.RR & Dr.SR Technical University, India
Conditional Proxy Re-Encryption - A More Efficient Construction
S. Sree Vivek1,S. Sharmila Deva Selvi1, V. Radhakishan2 and C. Pandu Rangan1, 1Indian Institute of Technology Madras,India and 2National Institute of Technology Trichy, India