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A Chaotic Encryption Algorithm: Robustness against Brute- force attack
Mina Mishra1, V.H. Mankar2, 1Nagpur University, India and 2Government Polytechnic Nagpur, India
Emergency based remote collateral tracking system using Google’s Android mobile platform
Ashokkumar Ramalingam, Prabhu Dorairaj, Saranya Ramamoorthy and Abbas Mohammed, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.
Vital Signs Data Aggregation And Transmission Over Controller Area Network (CAN)
Nadia Ishaque2, Atiya Azmi1, Noveel Azhar2, Umm-e-laila1 and Ammar Abbas1, 1Yanbu University College, Saudia Arabia and 2 Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan
A Comparative Study On Different Biometric Modals Using PCA
Pranay Kumar, Harendra Kumar, Naushad Ali and Ritu Tiwari, India
Methodology For Automatic Bacterial Colony Counter
Surbhi Gupta1, Priyanka Kamboj1,Sumit Kaushik2 1 Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institute & Technology (JMIT), Radaur,India and 2Guru Nanak Institutions (GNI), Mullana(Ambala)
Sorting of Decision Making Units in Data Envelopment Analysis with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Weighted Entropy
Neeraj Gandotra, Rakesh Kumar Bajaj, and Nitin Gupta, Jaypee University of Information Technology, India
Reliability Quantification of OO Design -Complexity Perspective-
A. Yadav, R. A. Khan, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, India
A New hybrid algorithm for Video Segmentation
K. Mahesh and K. Kuppusamy, Alagappa University, India
Using Modularity with Rough Information Systems
Ahmed Taisser1, Hesham Ahmed2 and Ashraf Hassan3, 1Health Insurance Organization, Egypt, 2Cairo university, Egypt and 3Ministry of Administration Devlopment, Egypt.
Introducing Session Relevancy Inspection in Web Page
Sutirtha Kumar Guha1, Anirban Kundu2 and Rana Dattagupta3, 1Seacom Engineering College, Howrah, India, 2Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology, Shenzhen, China and 3Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India
Way Directing Node Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad hoc Networks
M.Neelakantappa1, A.Damodaram2, B.Satyanarayana3, 1 Brindavan Inst. of Tech & Science, India, 2 SC&DE, J.N.T.University Hyderabad, AP, India and 3 S.K.University, Anantapur, AP, INDIA
Web-page Prediction for Domain Specific Web-search using Boolean Bit Mask
Sukanta Sinha1, Rana Dattagupta2 and Debajyoti Mukhopadhyay3, 1Web Intelligence and Distributed Computing Research Lab, 2Jadavpur University, 3Maharashtra Institute of Technology, India
Security Enhanced Digital Image Steganography based on Successive Arnold’s Transformation
Minati Mishra1, Sunit Kumar2 and Subhadra Mishra3, 1FM University, Balasore, ODISHA, 2Kolhan University, 3Center For Post Graduate Studies, OUAT, India
Similarity Based Cluster Analysis On Engineering Materials Data Sets
Doreswamy and Hemanth K S, Mangalore University, India.
Cost Optimized Approach to Random Numbers in Cellular Automata
1,3Arnab Mitra, 2,3Anirban Kundu,1Adamas Institute of Technology, Barasat, India 2Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology, Shenzhen, China and 3Innovation Research Lab (IRL), Capex Technologies, India
Selection of Views for Materializing in Data Warehouse Using MOSA and AMOSA
Rajib Goswami, D.K Bhattacharyya and Malayananda Dutta , Tezpur University, India
Comparison of Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches for Solving 0/1 Knapsack Problem
Ritika Mahajan1, Sarvesh Chopra2 and Sonika Jindal1, 1Shaheed Bhagat Singh College of Engineering and Technology, India and 2Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, India
Comparison of Content Based Image Retrieval System using Wavelet Transform
Suchismita Das, Shruti Garg and G. Sahoo , Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi
Impact of Bandwidth on Multiple Connections in AODV Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Preetha K G 1, A Unnikrishnan2, K Paulose Jacob3 , 1Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, India , 2DRDO, India ,3 Cochin University of Science & Technology, India
A New Approach For Hand Gesture Based Interface
ShanyJophin , Bhraguram T M, Sheethal M.S and Priya Philip, AdiShankara Instituteof Engingeering& Technology, India
Conceptualizing an Adaptive Framework for Pervasive Computing Environment
Akhil Mohan, Nitin Upadhyay , BITS-Pilani Goa Campus , India
Multi-document Summarization based on Sentence Features and Frequest Itemsets
J. Jayabharathy and S. Kanmani, Pondicherry Engineering College,India
Performance Evaluation of Evolutionary and Artificial Neural Network based Classifiers in Diversity of Data Sets
Pardeep Kumar1, Vivek Kumar Sehgal1, Nitin1, Durg Singh Chauhan2, 1 Jaypee University of Information Technology, India,2Institute of Technology,Banaras Hindu University, India.
Incomplete Multigranulation Based on Rough Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
G K Panda1, B K Tripathy2 and Anirban Mitra1, 1MITS, India and 2VIT University, India
Dynamic DCF Backoff Algorithm(DDBA) for Enhancing TCP Performance in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Nithya Balasubramanian, Mala C, Vijay Kumar Bana and Gopalan N.P, NIT Trichy, India
Data Mining Model Building as A Support for Decision Making in Production Management
Pavol Tanuska, Pavel Vazan, Michal Kebisek, Oliver Moravcik and Peter Schreiber, STU MTF Trnava, Slovakia
Multi-Objective Zonal Reactive Power Market Clearing Model for improving Voltage Stability in Electricity Markets using HFMOEA
Ashish Saini and Amit Saraswat, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, India.
Hybrid Cluster Validation Techniques
Satish Gajawada and Durga Toshniwal, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
Comparative Study of Image Forgery and Copy-Move Techniques
M.Sridevi, C.Mala and Siddhant Sanyam, National Institute of Technology, India
Intensity based Adaptive Fuzzy Image Coding method: IBAFC
Deepak Gambhir and Navin Rajpal, Inderprastha University, India
Single Sideband Encoder with Nonlinear Filter Bank Using Denoising for Cochlear Implant Speech Processor
Rohini Hallikar1, M Uttara Kumari1 and K. Padmaraju2, 1R.V.College of Engineering, India and 2JNT University, Kakinada, India
Energy Efficient and Minimal Path Selection of Nodes to Cluster Head in Homogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Taruna S, Sheena Kohli and G.N Purohit, Banasthali University, India
Texel Identification Using K-Means Clustering Method
S. Padmavathi, C. Rajalakshmi and K.P. Soman, Amrita School of Engineering, India
Crosstalk Reduction Using Novel Bus Encoders in Coupled RLC modeled VLSI Interconnects
Nagendra Babu Gunti and Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, IIT Roorkee, India
Single and Multi Trusted Third Party: Comparison, Identification and Reduction of Malicious Conduct by Trusted Third Party in Secure Multiparty Computing Protocol
Zulfa Shaikh1 and Poonam2, 1Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research and 1Institute of Management Technology, India
Event Triggering Mechanism on A Time Base: A Novel Approach for Sporadic as Well as Periodic Task Scheduling
Ramesh Babu Nimmatoori1, Vinay Babu A1 and Srilatha C2, 1JNTUH, India and 2ASTRA, India
Ubiquitous Medical Learning Using Augmented Reality based on Cognitive Information Theory
Zahra Mohana Gebril, Behrang Parhizkar, Imam Musa Abiodunde Tele, Arash Habibi Lashkari, Mohammed A.Tahir and Yap Sing Nian, LIMKOKWING University, Malaysia
A High Level Approach to Web Content Verification
Liliana Alexandre1 and Jorge Coelho2, 1Polytechnic of Porto (ISEP),Porto and 2Computer Science Laboratory of the University of Porto (LIACC), Porto
Histogram Correlation for Video Scene Change Detection
Nisreen I. Radwan1, Nancy M. Salem2 and Mohamed I. El Adawy2, 1National Research Centre, Egypt and 2Helwan University, Egypt
A Secured Transport System by authenticating Vehicles and Drivers using RFID
C. K. Marigowda1, J. Thriveni2 and Javid K Karangi1, 1Acharya Institute of Technology, India and 2University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, India
Active Learning with Bagging for NLP Tasks Ruy Luiz Milidi_u, Daniel Schwabe, and Eduardo Motta
Ruy Luiz Milidiú, Daniel Schwabe and Eduardo Motta, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Virtualization of Large-Scale Data Storage System to Achieve Dynamicity and Scalability in Grid Computing
Ajay Kumar and Seema Bawa Thapar University, Patiala, India
Microposts Ontology Construction
Beenu Yadav, Harsh Verma and Sonika Gill, Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut.
A Comparative Study of Clustering Methods for Relevant Gene Selection in Microarray Data
Manju Sardana and R.K. Agrawal, School of Computer and System Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi, India
Behavioral Profile Generation for 9/11 Terrorist Network Using Efficient Selection Strategies
Karthika S, Kiruthiga A and Bose S, Anna University, India
EAN Optimal Approach for DICOM Image Segmentation Based on Fuzzy Techniques
J.Umamaheswari and G. Radhamani, Dr. G.R.D College of Science, India
A Two-Phase Item Assigning in Adaptive Testing using Norm Referencing and Bayesian Classification
R. Kavitha1, A. Vijaya2 and D. Saraswathi3, 1AIMIT, 1St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), Karnataka, 2Govt. Arts College Tamilnadu,India and 3KSR College of Arts and Science, India
Implementation of Multichannel GPS Receiver Baseband Modules
Kota Solomon Raju1, Y.Pratap2, Virendra Pate2, Gaurav Kumar1, S.M.M Naidu2, Amit Patwardhan2, Rabinder Henry 2 and P.Bhanu Prasad, 1Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, India and 2International Institute of Information Technology Pune, India.
Towards a Practical “State Reconstruction” for Data Quality Methodologies: A Customized List of Dimensions
S.Bekkouche and A.Chouarfia, Reza Vaziri Yazdi Azad University of Iran Science and Research Branch
Hybrid Reputation Model Through Federation Of Peers Having Analogous Function
Sreenu.G and Dhanya P M, RSET
An Amalgam Approach For Feature Extraction And Classification Of Leaves Using Support Vector Machine
N.Valliammal and S.N.Geethalakshmi, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women University, India.
Applying adaptive strategies for website design improvement
Vinodani Katiyar, Kamal Kumar srivastava and Atul Kumar, SRMCEM, India
A Quantitative Model of Operating System Security Evaluation
Hammad Afzali and Hassan Mokhtari
Webtrovert : An Autosuggest Search And Suggestions Implementing Recommendation System Algorithms
Akrita Agarwal, L. Annapoorani, Riya Tayal and Minakshi Gujral, Jaypee Institute Of Information and Technology, India
Periocular Feature Extraction Based on LBP and DLDA
Akanksha Joshi, Abhishek Gangwar, Renu Sharma and Zia Saquib, Center for Development of Advanced Computing, India
A Study of the Interval Availability and its Impact on SLAs Risk
Andres J. Gonzalez and Bjarne E. Helvik, Norwegian University of Science and Technology,Norway
Testing for Software Security: A Case Study on Static Code Analysis of a File Reader Java Program
Natarajan Meghanathan1 and Alexander Roy Geoghegan2, 1Jackson State University Jackson,USA and L-3 Communications Greenville,USA .
Performance Analysis of (AIMM-I46) Addressing, Inter-Mobility and Interoperability Management Architecture Between IPv4 and IPv6 Networks
Gnana Jayanthi Joseph and Albert Rabara S, J.J. College of Engineering and Technology, India and ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE, India
Application of Intervention Analysis on Stock Market Forecasting
Mahesh S. Khadka,K. M. George,N. Park and J. B. Kim
Partial Evaluation of Communicating Processes with Temporal Formulas and Its Application
Masaki Murakami, Okayama University, Japan
Energy Management in Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP)
Dilli Ravilla 1, Chandra Shekar Reddy Putta2 and V.Sumalatha2, 1Manipal Institute of Technology,India and 2JNT University,India
Performance analysis of a hybrid photovoltaic thermal single pass air collector using ANN
Deepali Kamthania, Sujata Nayak and G.N.Tiwari, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
Towards XML Interoperability
Sugam Sharma1, S B Goyal2, Ritu Shandliya3,Durgesh Samadhiya4 and Hari Cohly5, 1Iowa State University,USA, 2MRCE, Faridabad, India, 3Shobhit University,India, 4Chung Hua University, Taiwan and 5Jackson State University, USA.
An Effective Software Implemented Data Error Detection Method in Real Time Systems
Atena Abdi, Seyyed Amir Asghari, Saadat Pourmozaffari, Hassan Taheri and Hossein Pedram, Amirkabir University of Technology Tehran, Iran
A Critical Review of Migrating Parallel Web Crawler
Md .Faizan Farooqui1, Md. Rizwan Beg1 and Md. Qasim2, 1Integral University,India and 2Aligarh Muslim University,India
Survey on Web Service Discovery Approaches
Debajyoti Mukhopadhyay and Archana Chougule, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, India
Preprocessing Of Automated Blood Cell Counter Data And Generation Of Association Rules In Clinical Pathology
D.Minnie1 and S.Srinivasan2,1Madras Christian College and 2Anna University of Technology Madurai, India
A Particular Approach For Personalised Knowledge Processing
Stefan Svetsky, Oliver Moravcik, Peter Schreiber, Pavol Tanuska ,Jana Stefankova and Pavol Vazan, Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia.
Metrics Based Quality Assessment for Retrieval Ability of Web-Based Bioinformatics Tools
Jayanthi Manicassamy and P. Dhavachelvan, Pondicherry University, India
A New Approach for Vertical Handoff in Wireless 4G Network
Vijay Malviya, Praneet Saurabh and Bhupendra Verma, TIT Bhopal
An Analysis on Critical Information Security Systems ATechnical Review Tour and Study of the Sensitive Information Security Methods and Techniques
SonaKaushik and Shalini Puri,Birla Institute of Technology, India
Exploring Possibilities of Reducing Maintenance Effort in Object Oriented Software by Minimizing Indirect Coupling
Nirmal Kumar Gupta, Mukesh Kumar Rohil and Naveen, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India
New hashing scheme to overcome the problem of overloading of articles in usenet
Monika Saxena, Praneet Saurabh and Bhupendra Verma, Technocrat Institute of Technology, Bhopal
Bio-inspired Computational Optimization of Speed in an Unplanned Traffic and Comparative Analysis Using Population Knowledge Base Factor
Prasun Ghosal1, Arijit Chakraborty2 and Sabyasachee Banerjee2, 1Bengal Engineering and Science University and 2 Heritage Institute of Technology WB, India
Transliterated SVM Based Manipuri POS Tagging
Kishorjit Nongmeikapam1, Lairenlakpam Nonglenjaoba1, Asem Roshan1, Tongbram Shenson Singh1, Thokchom Naongo Singh1, and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay2, 1Manipur University and 2Jadavpur University, India.
Mining Queries for Constructing Materialized Views in a Data Warehouse
T.V. Vijay Kumar1, Archana Singh2 and Gaurav Dubey2, 1Jawaharlal Nehru University, India and 2Amity Institute of Information Technology, Amity Campus,India