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Accepted Papers

Genetic Algorithm Based Optimal Channel Selection Of Electrodes For P-Vep Based Single Trial Brain Computer Interface
R.Kalaivaazhi1 and D.Kumar2, 1Anna University, India and 2Periyar Maniyammai University, India
Enhancement and Analysis of Chaotic Image Encryption Algorithms
R.Raja Kumar1, A.Sampath1 and P.Indumathi2, 1Sathyabama University, India, and 2MIT,India
A Review on Parallel LDPC Decoder Architecture
Swapna B, Venkateshulu B and Ganapathy Reddy Ch, GNITS, India
A Survey Review: Local Binary Pattern
1Soumya.G and 2Ganapathy Reddy. Ch, GNITS, India
Design And Implimentation Of E1 Submultiframe (Smf) Formatter And Analyzer
Khamer Fathima U B, Nandini and Vijay Ramprasad, VTU Extension Centre, UTL, India
BER Enhancement of MIMO-CDMA Based on Space-Time Block Codes
P. Sreesudha, GNITS, India
A novel background modeling for vehicle identification in wireless sensor networks
Hariharan B, Usha M and Archana Manojkumar, Sona College of Technology, India
Autonomic Computing: A Technological Evolution, New Facet of IT
Meenakshi1and Jyoti Bansal, TIT&S,Bhiwani, India
Co-Ordinated Obstacle Avoidance System Of S-Bots
Atul Kumar Jha, Baibhab Guru and Binoy Acharya, S.R.M University - Chennai, India
Analyzing Cluster-Head Selection Mechanisms And Improving The Leach
Chenmin Li, Guoping Tan, Jingyu Wu, Yueheng Li and Lizhong Xu, Hohai University, China
Studies on Relay modes in IEEE 802.16j Mobile Multi-hop Relay (MMR) WIMAX Networks
D.Satish Kumar1 and N.Nagarajan2, 1Kalaignar Karunanidhi Institute of Technology, India and 2Coimbatore Institute of Engineering and Technology, India
SVD based robust digital watermarking for still images using wavelet transform
S.Ramakrishnan, T.Gopalakrishnan and K.Balasamy, Drmcet, India
An Extensive Review of Significant Researches on Multimedia Content Based Retrieval
Sunita M. Jadhav1 and Vikram S. Patil2, 1SCOE Kharghar, India and 2Sanjeevan Engineering and Technology Institute, India
Assured Neighbor Based Counter Protocol On Mac-Layer Providing Security In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Gulshan Kumar and Mritunjay Rai, Lovely Professional University, India
Nxg-Evm- A Highly Secured Next Generation Electronic Voting Machine
Dinesh Kumar J, Gugan L, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College, India
ABMT-An Automated Support Based Rule Mining Technique
Dinesh Kumar J, Gugan L, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College, India
Review on Models for Generalized predictive controller
Ganesh.U.L, S A Hariprasad and Krishna, RV College of Engineering, India
Novel Approach:Naive Bayes With Vector Space Model For Spam Classification
Mosin I Hasan1 , Safwan Vohara1 and Reshma Lakhani2, 1BVM Engineering College, India and 2Chandubhai Patel Institute of Technology, India
Study Of Organizational Factors Affecting Usability Of Online Helps With Programming Languages
Nilesh Dhannaseth and Ganesh Bhutkar, VIT, Pune, India
Employing Neocognitron Neural Network Base Ensemble Classifiers To Enhance Efficiency Of Classification In Handwritten Digit Datasets
Neera Saxena, Chandra Pal, Qasima Abbas Kazmi and, O.P. Vyas, Indian Institute Of Information Technology, Allahabad, India.
Migration of an OLTP system from Oracle to MySQL and Comparative Performance Evaluation
Mohit Nanda and Amol Khanapurkar, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, India
Euler Number, Symmetry And Histogram Based Hierarchical Approach For English Optical Charecter Recognition
Mahesh Goyani1, Rekha Teraiya2, Trusha Gajjar3, Gunvantsinh Gohil4, 1LDCE, Ahemedabad, India, 2GEC, Modasa, India, 3ICCT, India and 4LDRP, India
Traffic Grooming In Wdm Networks With Path Protection
Nirmala L Devi1 and V.M.Pandharipande2, 1Osmania University, India and 2Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad
Chaos Image Encryption using Pixel shuffling
Manjunath Prasad and K.L.Sudha, DSCE, Bangalore, India
A Novel Feature Set For Recognition Of Similar Shaped Handwritten Hindi Characters Using Machine Learning
Sheetal Dabra1, Sunil Agrawal2 and Rama Krishna Challa3 1,3 N.I.T.T.T.R, Chandigarh, India and 2U.I.E.T, Punjab University, India
High Speed Attack Detection in the Network
G.Dileep Kumar, P. Kumara Swamy and Manohar Gosul, SR Engineering College, Warangal
Designing a GIS based decision support System For Tank Irrigation - Review Paper
S.S.Senthilkumar, Krishnaveni, S.Mohamed Ghouse, Anna University - Chennai, India
A Well Known Tool Based Graphical Authentication Technique
Sreelatha Malempati1 and Shashi Mogalla2, 1RVR & JC College of Engineering, A.P and 2Andhra University College of Engineering, India
A Time Index Based Approach For Cache Sharing In Mobile Adhoc Networks
Lilly Sheeba S and Yogesh P, Anna University, Chennai, India
Qos-Novel Multipath Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Smitha G R and Sharvani GS, RVCE, India
Novel Approach For Minimal Injected Harmonics At Distribution Level - Svc
V. Lakshmi Devi1 and T.Phanindra2, 1Narayana Engineering College, India and 2JNTU, India
Techniques For Implementing High Performance Multicore Processors
Abdurrahman Celebi1 and Betim CICO2, 1EPOKA University, Albania and 2Polytechnic University of Tirana, India
Cisco system's Strategic use of the internet and business applications
Abdurrahman Celebi and Raju Vijaya, Epoka University, Albania
Rtos Based Secure Shortest Path Routing Algorithm In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
S. Gayathri and R. Ramesh, Anna University - Chennai, India
Concept Based Clustering Of Text Documents
Vidhya. V and Vidya Banu. R, Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, India
Wearable Breathing Monitoring Device
Mridula Reghunath, Amrita University, India
Multirate Signal Processing Based Probability Density Function Estimation
Anil Kumar Pandeyl and Tarun Kumar Rawat, Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, India
Performance Study On Open Source Softwares for virtualization Using Hard Disk Benchmarking Tool
M. R. Anala and G. Shobha, R V College of Engineering, India
Global Frontrunner Routing Algorithm (GFRA) For V2v Communication In Vanets
A.Robertsingh1 and Suganya A2, 1St.Peter's University, India and 2VIT University, India
Efficiency Of Decision Trees In Predicting Student's Academic Performance
S. Anupama Kumar and Vijayalakshmi M.N, R.V.College of Engineering, India
Reversible Wavelet And Spectral Transforms For Lossless Compression Of Color Images
G Uma Rani and G Indumathi, CMRIT, India
Multilingual Cross - Domain Classification of Tamil Web Documents based on Neural Network with Dimension Reduction
M.Balaji Prasath and D.Manjula,Anna University, Chennai
Esterel Implementation And Validation Of Cruise Controller
Jagannath Aghav and Ashwin Tumma,College of Engineering Pune, Shivajinagar, Pune, India
Improving The Efficiency Of A Firewall Using Sfql
R.Sanjhana and T.Brindha,Noorul Islam University, Thuckalay
Security In Mobile Ad Hoc Network Using Cellular Automata
Himadri Nath Saha1 Debika Bhattacharyya1, P. K.Banerjee2, 1Institute of Engineering and Management, West Bengal, India and 2Jadavpur university, West Bengal, India
A Novel Botnet Detection Technique Based On Network Graph Model
Murali Manohar Rao, NITK, Surathkal,India
.Evaluation of Proactive, Reactive and HybridAd hoc Routing Protocol for 802.11 MAC and 802.11 DCF in VANET using Qualnet
Manish Sharma1 and Gurpadam Singh2, 1Govt. College, Dhaliara, H.P and 2B.C.E.T.,Gurdaspur, Punjab
A Novel Approach of Classification Techniques for CLIR
Archana.M and Sumithra Devi K.A, RV College of Engineering, Bangalore
A Semi-Blind Reference Watermarking Scheme Using DWT-SVD for Copyright Protection
Satyanarayana Murty .P1, M.Uday Bhaskar2, P.Nanna Babu2, P. Rajesh Kumar4, 1AITAM, Tekkali , Srikakulam, India, 2Sri Sai Aditya Institute Of Science & Technology, AndhraPradesh,India and 3AU college of Engineering, Vishakapatnam, India
Design, Matlab/Simulink Modelling of Radial Inner Rotor Segmented Switched Reluctance Motor
Susmitha Javvadi and D.Srinivasrao,Gudlavalleru Engineering College ,Gudlavalleru, (A.P.), India
Image Segmentation Using Level Set Based Active Contour Models
Anjali.S and R.Karthi,Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham, India
Design, Matlab/Simulink Modeling of Novel Hybrid H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter for PV Application
Koteswara Rao.G and Amarendra. A, Gudlavalleru Engineering College ,Gudlavalleru, (A.P.), India
Predicting Performance of Web Services using SMTQA
Ram Mohan Reddy Ch1,Evangelin Geetha D2, Srinivasa Kg2,Tv Suresh Kumar3 and K.Rajanikanth, 1BMS College of Engineering,India, 2M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India and 3msrit,India
An Expanded Bluetooth Network-A Solution To The Short Range Bluetooth Communication
K G Preetha, Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, India
Dependable Privacy Requirements By Agile Modeled Layered Security Architectures - Web Services Case Study
Upendra Kumar1, Sravan Kuma2 and Padmaja Rani3,1 MGIT, JNTU,India,2 KITE Women's College of Professional Engineering Science,India and 3 JNTUH college of engineering,India
Cbir System Using Color Histogram And Wavelet Transform For Blood Cells Images
Chinnakotla Rubina and Shree Dasu, JNTU, India
Desgin Of Interconnection Onchip Bus & Soc Integration With Ocp Interface
Shaik Zelani, Paladugu parvathi devi college of engineering and technology, India
Error Concealment for Wavelet Coded Images Using Dispersive Packetization
Sukeerthi.M and Doss.B, JNTUniversity, A.P, India
Flat vs. Cluster Based Routing Protocols in Delay Tolerant Mobile Networks-A Survey
Rekha.K.S, Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology, India
Reinforcement Learning With Egd Based Hyper Heuristic System for Exam Timetabling Problem
Ei Shwe Sin, University of Computer Studies Yangon, Myanmar
Wireless Parking System with GSM Based Security
Abhay P. Bagade, Sanjay L. Haridas and Prashant R. Indurkar, R. T. M. Nagpur University, India
Design of Intelligent Smart Home
Abhay P. Bagade and Richa Srivastava, R. T. M. Nagpur University, India
Real Time Routing Metrics on Ad Hoc Networks with Qos Using Dsr
Pushpalatha K1 and M.Chitra2, 1Anna University of Technology, India and 2Sona College o f Technology, India
Lane Change Detection and Tracking for A Safe-Lane Approach in Real Time Vision Based Navigation Systems
Gayathiri Somasundaram , Kavitha and K.I.Ramachandran, Amrita School of Engineering, Ettimadai, India
Thermal Modeling and Analysis of 3-Dimensinal Memory Integration
Annmol Cherian, Ajay Augustine, Vinod Pangracious and Jemy Jose, Rajagiri School of engineering & technology, India.
Dynamic Voltage Scaling for Power Consumption Reduction in Real-Time Mixed Task Model
Arya Lekshmi Mohan and Anju.S.Pillai, Amrita Vishwa Vidya Peetham Ettimadai, India
Designing Dependable Agile Layered Security Architecture Solutions
M.Upendra Kumari1, D.Sravan Kumar2 and B.Padmaja Rani1, 1JNTU - Hyderabad A.P. India and 2KITE Women's College of Professional Engineering Science, India
A Novel algorithm to Evaluate BER of Turbo-SPC Codes for WCDMA systems
M.Riyaz Pasha and A.Parvathi, GPCET - Kurnool, A.P, India
Proposed design for circular antenna and half ring antenna for UWB Application
Minal Kimmatkar1, P.T. Karule1 and P.S.Ashtankar2, 1YCCE,Nagpur, MS,India and 2KITS,Ramtek ,MS,India
Web Services Mining for Web Engineering - Business Intelligence Application Case Study
A.V.Krishna Prasad1, S.Ramakrishna1 and B.Padmaja Rani2, 1S.V.University Campus, A.P. India and 2JNTUCEH Hyderabad A.P.India
An Uncompressed Image Encryption Algorithm Based on DNA Sequences
Shima Ramesh Maniyath, Supriya .M, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, School Of Engineering, Bangalore Campus, India
Devacaptcha - A Framework To Prevent Bot Attacks
Sushma Yalamanchili1 and Kameswara Rao2, 1P.V.P.Siddhartha Institute of Technology, Kanur and 2P.G.Centre, P.B.Siddhartha College, Vijayawada
Internet Key Exchange Aggressive Mode Negotiations Using Cookie And Nonce Alternatives
Sushma Yalamanchili1, M.Kameswara Rao2 and Ch.Smitha2, 1P.V.P.Siddhartha Institute of Technology Kanuru, Andhra Pradesh, India and 2P.B.Siddhartha College, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
Enhancement Of Optimized Linked State Routing Protocol For Energy Conservation
Mayur Tokekar1and Radhika D. Joshi,College of Engineering, Pune
Load Control for Intra Cluster Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
Sasikala and Smt.K.Madhavi, JNTUniversity, Anantapur, A.P
Unicast Qos-Aware Routing Protocols Designed For Mac Specification Ieee 802.11 Based Multihop Manets
T. Krishna Rao, E. Konda Reddy, G Yashwanth and Mayank Sharma, Aurora's Engineering College, Bhongir, Andhra Pradesh, India
Variable Range Energy Efficient Location Aided Routing For Manet
Nivedita N. Joshi and Radhika D. Joshi ,College of Engineering, Pune, India
Dual Bootstrap server based super peer overlay construction
K.Sugunaand K.Madhavi, JNT University, Anantapur, A.P
Computer Intrusion Detection By Two- Objective Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm
Madhuri Agravat and Udai Pratap Rao , S.V.National Institute of Technology, Surat
Improved Genetic Algorithm For Intrusion Detection System
Dheeraj Pal,and Bhavesh Gohil ,Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat
Decision Models for Information Technology Outsourcing For the Semiconductor Industry Taking a Taiwan's Wafer Foundry Company as an Example
Mao-Ping Wen and Chyan Yang, Institute of Information Management, National Chiao Tung University,Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC
Global Data Flow Dependence Analysis For Automatic Parallelization
S.Muralidhar and P. Santhi Thilagam, NITK, Surathkal, India
Dependency Parser to Analyze Customer Reviews on Products to identify Users Opinion
Ravi kumar V and Raghuveer K,NIE, Mysore, India
Improving the Fastness of the Routing by using AMRC
K.Deepthi and V.Sumalatha, JNTU college of Engineering, Anantapur
Intrusion Detection Based On Svm, K-Nn And Tann With Reduced Dimensionality
Amit D. Solanki and Bhavesh N. Gohil,Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat India
Efficient technique for data preservation in data publishing: For More sensitive Attributes
Vinit kumar and Bhavesh Gohil,Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat
Full Communication in aWireless Sensor Network by Merging Blocks of a Key Predistribution using Reed Solomon Code
Aritra Dhar1 and Pinaki Sarkar2, 1Gurunanak Institute of Technology, Kolkata and 2Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Mobile Computing With Cloud
Ishwarya Chandrasekaran ,Alcatel Lucent Technologies Pvt. Ltd, India
New Firefly Algorithm Based On Multiswarm & Learning Automata In Dynamic Environments
Azam Amin Abshouri1, Mohammad Reza Meybodi2 and Alireza Bakhtiary3, 1Islamic Azad University, Qazvin branch, Iran and 2Amirkabir University of Technology,Tehran, Iran and 3 university of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Highly Efficient Servomotor Controller Using System Identification Tool Box
Madhura S,MSRIT, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
A Multiswarm Based Firefly Algorithm In Dynamic Environment
Shadi M. Frahani1 Babak Nasiri1 and Mohammad R. Meybodi2, 1Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran and 2Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
Non-Intrusive Remote Monitoring of Services in a Data Center
Hemanta Kumar Kalita, Manoj K. Nambiar and Amol Khanapurkar, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Andheri
Comparative Study of AudioWatermarking and a scheme for an Efficient, Robust and Imperceptible Watermarking
Kamini Pawar,Walchand College of Engineering,India
A Distributed Dynamic Channel Allocation In Cellular Communication
Dipti Varpe and Girish Mundada, PICT, Pune University, India
Application of weighted particle swarm optimization in association rule mining
Manisha Gupta,M-TECH,India.
HPC-MAQ : A Parallel Short-read Reference Assembler
G.Loshma and Veeram.Venkata Siva Prasad,Sri Vasavi Engineering College, India
Intrusion Detection In Cloud Computing Using Mobile Agents
Rohini Temkar1, Preetam Naik2 and Dilip Motwani3, 1,VESIT, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, 2,Shah & Anchor College, Mumbai and 3,VIT, University of Mumbai, Mumbai
Implementation Of User Interface For Microprocessor Trainer
Tin Mar Kyi,Computer University (Mandalay)
Knowledge Based Analysis of Various Statistical Tools in Detecting Breast Cancer
S.Aruna, L.V.Nandakishore and S.P.Rajagopalan, Dr M.G.R University,chennai
Intelligent Information Retrieval Within Digital Library Using Domain Ontology
Thinn Mya Mya Swe Computer University, Mandalay, Myanmar
Speech Classification Using Zenike Moments
Manisha Pacharne and Vidyavati Nayak,DIAT (DU ), Pune
NodeB Simulation Using Automated Framework
Narasimha Madineedi, M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India
A Review on Parallel LDPC Decoder Architecture
Swapna B,GNITS, Hyderabad