the connaught, May 26 ~ 27, 2012, Delhi, India.

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Accepted Papers

An Assimilated Approach of Concept Analysis and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Effective Test Suite Minimization
S.Selvakumar1 and N.Ramaraj2, 1Thiagarajar College of Engineering,India., 2G.K.M College of Engineering, India.
Energy Efficient Advanced Metering Infrastructure Using 3G Network
Kishore Peshwani and Swapna Choudhary,G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering, India.
Comparative Study on Strengths and Weaknesses of Trust Algorithms in Semantic Web based Networks  
Prachi Girdhar and Suresh Kumar,A.I.A.C.T&R, India.
Agents for Trustworthy Semantic Web and its Services
Prachi Girdhar and Suresh Kumar,A.I.A.C.T&R, India.
Visual Attention Based Keyframes Extraction And Video Summarization
S.Thiruchadai Pandeeswari , P.Geetha and SonyMohanan,Anna University, India.
Efficient information retrieval using hybrid factors based caching system
S.Kalarani1 and G.V.Uma 2,1St Joseph’s Institute of Technology,India,2Anna university, India.
Integrated National Citizen Database Model Based on AADHAR
Mahesh K. Sharma , Ankush Joshi, Shivangi Shah and Haripriya Tiwari,Amrapali Institute -Haldwani, India.
A Radical Approach To Develop Psychological Control In Information Security : Organization’s Perspective
Vijayshri Tiwari,Saurabh Mishra, Sumit Kumar, Puneet Nagpal and Sumit K Yadav,Indian Institute of Information Technology, India.
An automatic audio Comparison based on human perception for system level testing
Dhara Patel1, Anitha Pushpanathan2and Mehul Naik 1, 1Nirma University,India.2Motorola Mobility Ind Pvt Ltd, India.
Manageable Traffic Flow Based On Predictive Data Analysis
Dhara Patel1, Snoeji Varghese John2 and Fibinse Xavier 2, 1Nirma University,India, 2Motorola Mobility Ind Pvt Ltd, India.
Application of Artificial Neural Network For Procedure and Object Oriented Software Effort Estimation
Jagannath Singh and Bibhudatta Sahoo, National Institute of Technology, India.
A Questionnaire-Based Data Quality Methodology
Reza Vaziri and Mehran Mohsenzadeh, Azad University of Iran, Tehran, Iran.
An Approach to Analysis Software Reusability
Ashish Agrawal and Sachin Patel ,PCST, Indore, India.
Performance Enhancement of Pragmatic General Multicast (Pgm) Protocol Using a Local Loss Recovery Approach
Shome.T and Gupta S, Indira Gandhi Inst. of Technol.(IGIT), India.
Reliable Multicast Transport Protocols: A Detailed Survey and Comparison
Gupta.S and Shome.T, Indira Gandhi Inst. of Technol.(IGIT), India.
An Approach Oriented Towards Enhancing A Metric Performance
Rohitt Sharma, Paramjit Singh and Sumit Sharma ,Lovely Profesional University, India.
Analysis of XSS attack Mitigation techniques based on Platforms and Browsers
Ravi Kanth Kotha ,Gaurav Prasad and Dinesh Naik , National Institute of Technology, India.
Government and Binding Theory For Hindi Language
Lalita Kumari and Radhey Shyam, National Institute of Technology, India.
Precise Modeling With Object Constraint Language Using Coloured Petri Nets
Aakanksha Sharaff and Santanu Kumar Rath, National Institute of Technology, India.
Fault Removal Process In Srgm Using Imperfect Debugging  
Purnaiah, V Rama Krishna and Phani Krishna, K.L.University, India.
Implementation Of Iso 27001 In Indian Scenario: Key Challenges 
Abhay Singh,Samarth Sharma,Manish Pandey,Sandarbh Chaurasia,Anurika Vaish and S. Venkatesan, Indian Institute of Information Technology, India.
Rejuvenation Modeling In Real Time Systems Using Stochastic Petri Nets
Bharati Sinha and S.K.Rath, National Institute of Technology, India.
Generation and Optimization of Test case for Object Oriented Software Using State Chart Diagram  
Ranjita Swain1,Prafulla Kumar Behera2 and Durga Prasad Mahapatra3,1Rourkela Institute of Mgt. Studies, India ,2Utkal University, India ,3National Institute of Technology, India.
Wireless Integrated System using IEEE 802.15.4
Pravin Wararkar1 and Nikita Chavan2,1Rajiv Gandhi College Of Engineering & Research,India,2G.H. Raisoni College Of Engineering, India.
-SOAQE-Service Oriented Architectures Quality Evaluation
Riad Belkhatir and Mourad Oussalah, University of Nantes, France.
An Empirical Strategy For Implementing Business Continuity Planning For Process Based Organization 
Mayank Srivastava, Roshan Srivastava, Akash Deep, Abhishek Vaish and Utkarsh Goel,Indian Institute of Information Technology, India.
A Novel Approach For Exception Handling In Soa
Prachet Bhuyan1 ,Tapas Kumar Choudhury1 and Durga Prasad Mohapatra2,1KIIT University, India , 2NIT, India.
Valued Opinion Of Internal And External Customer (Voice) For Product Quality Improvement
Jitendra Sharma, Institute of Mgt. Tech, India.
FPGA Implementation of Pipelined CORDIC Sine Cosine Digital Wave Generator
Navdeep Prashar and Balwinder Singh, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing C-DAC, India.
Improvement and Implementation of M-Commerce System Platform Based on Android 2.2
Santosh Kushwaha, Shiv Kumar, Amit Sinhal, Neetesh Gupta and G.P. Basal, TIT, India.

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